The Dangers Of St Petersburg

Every day in St Petersburg I take my life into my own hands. Not that St Petersburg is a particularly dangerous city, in fact in terms of petty crime, it has extremely low rates. It is not the danger presented by other people that causes me to fear for my life every morning, but rather […]

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Return To The Frozen North

I write this standing in the center of the Neva. Technically this version I typed up in my flat but I scribbled the original completely illegible script in a notebook on top the frozen Neva. Though I have borrowed the structure of my opening sentence from Dodie Smith, I can firmly assure you that it […]

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St Petersburg Beckons

Occasionally I like to torture myself and reread some of my old blog posts. Though my writing style today is hardly different, and certainly not any better, reading things I wrote in a different time somehow makes them seem so distant and separate from me. What I have learned from these addictively horrible delves into […]

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Truly Bizarre

As previously mentioned, the threat of returning to England in mere days has made me realise how much I have yet to see in St Petersburg. Though I have not been inactive, seeing at least one or two new buildings/churches or exhibitions each week, there is an exorbitant amount to see in St Petersburg. Thus […]

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It Grows Colder

Whilst this year has already been and will undoubtedly continue to be one of the best years of my life, it is not without its lows. I have recently been slower than usual to post a blog, the reason being that I have been in a state of confusion about what exactly to write about. […]

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St Petersburg: Wonderfully Weird

Having settled into my stride in the last few weeks in St Petersburg I have come to realise the error of my ways in extolling only its numerous virtues. That is not to say that St Petersburg does not have many virtues, merely that it also has a number of deficiencies which, shall we say, […]

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A Weekend of Portuguese Bliss

Though I have been to Portugal once before, I was a good deal younger and spent the entirety of the week there in the Algarve by the beach. However, my sister recently had a conference in Lisbon and asked me to join her for the weekend afterwards. I am not one who usually makes impulsive […]

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