Coming Home

I have now been home for exactly a week, and have only just had the time to sit down and write the post that I had planned on writing the day I returned. My final few weeks in St Petersburg were not all that different from previous weeks. I spent time in Museums and strolling […]

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Truly Bizarre

As previously mentioned, the threat of returning to England in mere days has made me realise how much I have yet to see in St Petersburg. Though I have not been inactive, seeing at least one or two new buildings/churches or exhibitions each week, there is an exorbitant amount to see in St Petersburg. Thus […]

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The Nights Draw In…

Constantly writing about oneself can be a bit tedious after a while and I can only imagine it is even more exhausting for those of you reading it. However, at this stage in time, I am in touch with neither English nor Russian news enough to warrant me writing about either. Whilst I could cobble […]

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It Grows Colder

Whilst this year has already been and will undoubtedly continue to be one of the best years of my life, it is not without its lows. I have recently been slower than usual to post a blog, the reason being that I have been in a state of confusion about what exactly to write about. […]

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St Petersburg: Wonderfully Weird

Having settled into my stride in the last few weeks in St Petersburg I have come to realise the error of my ways in extolling only its numerous virtues. That is not to say that St Petersburg does not have many virtues, merely that it also has a number of deficiencies which, shall we say, […]

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A Summer of Bureaucracy

This summer, prior to my departure for Russia, I have been avidly preparing for my year-long sojourn in the great north. And while much of this preparation is what you would expect – stocking up on thermals, buying woolly socks and generally getting ready to face the inevitable cold – most of my time was […]

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